L’Amie du dimanche (Contes de juillet – partie I)

2017 / France / Fiction / 33′
Production : Bathysphère productions
With Milena Csergo, Lucie Grunstein, Jean Joudé, Kenza Lagnaoui, Théo Chedeville

Milena and Lucie, two work colleagues, take advantage of a sunny Sunday to go swimming at the Cergy-Pontoise leisure center. Their encounter with an invasive prevention worker undermines their budding friendship.

Hanne et la fête nationale (Contes de juillet – partie II)

2017 / France / Fiction / 37′
Production : Bathysphère productions
With Salomé Dienis Meulien, Roman Jean-Elie, Hanne Mathisen Haga, Sipan Mouradian, Andrea Romano

While the festivities of July 14 are in full swing, Hanne, a Norwegian student, finds herself successively struggling with three men. All these little people spend the evening together at the Cité Universitaire.

Le Repos des braves

2016 / France / Documentaire / 36′
Production : Bathysphère productions

At the end of their journey through the Alps, old amateur cyclists enjoy a well-deserved rest on a beach in the south of France. They remember their exploits there, too derisory than essential.

Un monde sans femmes

2011 / France / Fiction / 58′
Production : Année zéro
With Laure Calamy, Vincent Macaigne, Laurent Papot, Constance Rousseau

Confused feelings for Sylvain when he meets Patricia and Juliette on their one-week holiday by the sea.